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About The Scooter 'Zine

I have been waiting for a magazine, newsletter or anything that was written for me and my favorite kind of people - Scooter People! "Scoot! Quarterly" ceased to exist in 2013 and I got tired of waiting so I'm starting one myself, The Scooter 'Zine.

My name is Howard and I've been riding scooters since 2008. I've owned at least 9 scooters, started a scooter club, been to Amerivespa, High Rollers and even ridden a Saddlesore 1000 on my Buddy 150. I've ridden with clubs in AZ, CA, NV and NM. My scooter has helped me make friends all over the country. I want to share my scooter passion and that of other riders with every rider who has a bit of time to read.

  • Do you love to ride and enjoy meeting others who do, too? The Scooter 'Zine is for you
  • Do you look for exciting roads to ride or to share your favorites with others? The Scooter 'Zine is for you
  • Looking for reviews of gear with the scooterist in mind? The Scooter 'Zine is for you
  • Want to know more about scooter clubs? Who they are? What they do? You'll find out in The Scooter 'Zine
  • The Scooter 'Zine is a small magazine written by and for active scooter riders. It will contain articles and information for the casual rider, the commuter and those who scooter tour. However you like to ride, try The Scooter 'Zine
  • The magazine will be published bimonthly and is available in good ol' fashioned print and in digital versions
  • Nothing is real unless it's on social media, so "Like" us on Facebook. The Scooter 'Zine also has an Instagram account


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Help improve our content. We are looking for rally reports or reports of other local scooter events. If you would like to write about one, email us and let us know.

We are looking for riders, clubs and shops to feature. If you know someone with an interesting story to tell, have them contact us or send us their contact info.

Have you ridden a "Bucket List" quality road and want to tell us about it? Send us an email. Oh, don't forget to take a few pictures when you ride, so others can see what it looks like.

Do you have another story or article idea? Email it to us and we can talk.

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